The best defense is a good offense

Sometimes, pets are kind of like little kids—it takes a lot to keep them safe and healthy! Routine vaccines are a central part of your pet’s veterinary care. Not only is it critical for their health, it’s important to the health of your family and the community. At Uptown Veterinary Clinic, we’ll work with you to determine the best vaccine schedule for your pet.

Here in Muscogee County, the rabies vaccine is legally required for all dogs and cats over four months of age. Some other vaccines are considered “core” vaccines, meaning they’re strongly recommended for all pets. These include the FVRCP vaccine for cats and the DHPP vaccine for dogs. Others may be recommended based on lifestyle, like FeLV for cats or Bordetella for dogs. Even pets who are primarily indoors need to be vaccinated, as they can still be exposed to diseases. 

No matter what vaccines your pet needs, one thing stays the same—here, they all come with a hearty dose of love and plenty of cuddles. For more information on the vaccines that are right for your pet or to make an appointment, please call us at 706-221-4115.