Cutting edge care with a soft touch

We understand that having a pet who needs surgery is stressful. We promise to make sure that you clearly understand the surgical process from beginning to end and will answer any questions that you have at any point. Your pet’s safety and comfort are our highest priority.

The surgical services we offer range from things like routine spays and neuters, to wound repair, to more advanced or urgent needs like foreign body removals or lumpectomies. But no matter the reason for the procedure, your pet’s safety and good health are always the goal. 

We’ll conduct a thorough pre-surgical exam and run blood work to make sure that your pet is well enough for surgery, and tailor an anesthetic plan specific to their needs. During the procedure, your pet is constantly watched by both sensitive monitoring equipment and a skilled member of our medical staff. When your pet is recovered, you’ll get a call as soon as they’re awake.

We ensure that your pet has adequate pain control for the duration of their procedure, as well as for their postoperative recovery period. At-home care is a critical part of a successful surgery, and you’ll have all the information you need to care for your pet at home. And of course, we’re always here if you have any questions.

Our surgical services include:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Lumpectomies and tumor removals
  • Soft tissue surgeries
  • Wound repair

If you have questions about our surgical offerings, please call us at 706-221-4115.